Importance Of Non-verbal Communication

Importance of Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is the conveying of information or message through signs, gestures, signals, body language, eye contact, glance, postures, hand movements and expressions without using actual words. As per the statistics revealed by several prominent journals more than half of the communication is non-verbal in nature. The best thing about such wordless communication tactics is that generally, the emotions are true and not fake.

Communication is a desired skill no doubt but people are always on the look-out for non-verbal communication during an interaction. This is because there is a strong belief that your words can lie but it is difficult to do so with eyes, gestures etc because their movement is unconscious and in most cases not deliberate like a lie or half-truth. Non-verbal communication is all about sharing cues between people so that an individual can interpret the expressions, mannerisms and physical behaviour instinctively to determine the actual truth behind the words.

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Importance Of Communication Skills

Importance of Communication Skills

Communication is an essential life skill that helps a person to understand and be understood by other people. It is described as an effective process through which information can pass from one to another via verbal, written, visual or non-verbal means for instance gestures, body language, etc. Communication skills is a desired trait that assists in both personal and professional life. Being able to articulate effectively has been interlinked with success and in case you do not have the ability to pass clear, precise and accurate information it will lead to misunderstandings and failure in life.

Good communication skills are the main component during the distribution of messages and information. This sought-after ability helps to connect with the audience, understand instructions, ask and relay information and negotiate deals. As per several studies, one of the most valued skills in the modern world is a communication skill and one should invest it in it from an early age.

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