Fiedler’s Contingency Theory of Leadership

Fiedler Contingency Theory of Leadership

What type of leadership style do you prefer? Is it focused on completing tasks and generating beneficial results or is it about building a healthy and friendly relationship with your subordinates?Is this natural style of leadership doing well for your company? Is it the best-suited type of leadership?To be able to use a leadership style and put it in the best use for all kinds of different situations, one must be well acquainted with the Fiedler’s Contingency model.

There are a lot of different contingency models. The basic idea behind a contingency theory (model) is that it tells that there is no one particular direction in which an organization must be run.  In other words, there is no one best singular best way to strategize and mold a company or manage a team.

So, a contingency theory scrutinizes how best to run an organization under given circumstances. Thus, the right leadership style will be contingent on the given situation.

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Democratic Leadership | Importance, Characteristics and Qualities

Demographic Leadership Style

In the world today, there are many countries where people are not given their basic fundamental rights. They are still bound to follow people who have better hierarchical standards. These people face problems as they are restricted and inhibited to have an opinion of their own. It is where democratic leadership comes into light. Democratic Leadership, additionally known as Participative Leadership, is an area where individuals who are in some or other ways understood as unequal through hierarchical standards, have been given the rights to share power in decision-making equally.

Alternatively, Democratic Leadership is also known as shared leadership.

You can also understand it as a type of leadership style wherein members of a group are more actively participating in administrative and managerial processes. This class of leadership can be employed in any kind of organization, from private businesses to governments to schools.

In this post, we will be diving deep into the Democratic Leadership style and understand its key idiosyncrasies, how it works, and what key concepts are there in the base of Democratic Leadership style.

So, without any further ado, let us start unfolding the concepts of Democratic Leadership by understanding what democracy is-

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Coach-Style Leadership | Qualities, Significance, Pros, and Cons

Coaching Leadership Style

In today’s world, everyone aims to reach the highest success in their lives. To achieve success, one needs to be a good leader. People should be able to understand their gains if they follow someone who is the best guide. Coach- Style Leadership guides one in the correct road of maximum utilization of employees. The Coach-Style Leadership Style is the best way for you and your firm to reach the highest success level.

In an autocratic leadership style, too much burden is on one person, which decreases the efficiency of not just the autocrat but of the entire company.

Coach-Style Leadership Style helps you and your company by coaching them in the right direction as that is what they are best at doing. The division of labor is significant to reach the peak of success.

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What is Blue Ocean Leadership and its Four Pillars?

Blue Ocean Leadership

One of the most shocking facts about employment is that only 30% of the people are wholly committed to doing their job. From the remaining 70%, 50% do not invest their time in, and the other 20% act out. These 20% show their disinterest either by negatively influencing co-workers, missing out on working days or by providing poor services to the customers.

Lately, most executives have recognized that one of their biggest fears is narrowing the vast gulf between the potential and realized talent.

Blue Ocean Leadership style was created to improve this scenario and create better working environments. World-renowned professors Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne designed this leadership style.

Similar to the blue ocean, leadership is the blue ocean strategy. Here, one can create uncontested market space by converting non-customers into customers and applying its concept and framework to help leaders recognize the blue ocean of unexploited talent and energy in their respective organizations- hastily and at low expenses.

Precisely, this leadership style is to convert those disengaged workers into engaged ones. And, the leadership here is across all the management levels not merely for those at the top levels only.

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Bill Gates Leadership Style | How good is Bill Gates as a Leader?

Bill Gates Leadership Style Analysed

For running a business, managing the workforce and leading the team, it is always important to the right kind of leadership style that best fits with your business model and associated manpower. Bill Gates Leadership Style is one of the most effective leadership styles that will for sure be quite useful for business leaders that are craving for exponential growth and sustainable existence.

While learning about its traits and qualities, the vital thing is to learn about Leadership. Leadership prevails as an ability to handle a group or a person. For completion of any work, Leadership is mandatory. This skill is to encourage, support and control the organization.

The main components of leadership traits are diligence, aim, encouraging, creativity, managing, risk-taking, standing alone, understanding, motivating. The confidence of standing alone and managing is a crucial attribute of the leader. He must have the vitality to make decisions that will benefit the organization and the employees.

The way Bill Gates has been running his business model; he for sure is one of the most inspiring leaders.

Not every person can be a leader.

There are certain qualities that they possess. Leaders are born to lead and inspire. They don’t work for themselves; they work for the integrity of people and organizations.

They stay focussed and determined all the time. They are loyal to their work and have a habit of exploring, not merely sticking to one style of Leadership.

There are several kinds of Leadership. Every leader doesn’t have to follow the same path.

They can go for all three leadership styles, autocratic, participative and delegative, at the same time. A good leader can manage. She/he can use each of them while using one of them as dominant. Just sticking to one leadership style can’t make you a good leader. Try to choose as per the requirement.

In this post, we will dive deep into Bill Gates Leadership Style and understand its key features that empowered him to run one of the most successful businesses in the most sustainable and profit-oriented manner. So, let us get started with the introduction to Bill Gates Leadership Style-

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