Importance Of Technology

Technological advancements and innovations have played an important role in the lives of human beings. It is a tool that has helped the world in functioning efficiently. Technology has improved lives by saving time and effort and making sure that operations are running in a smooth manner.

Technology is the use of new techniques, systems, and tools to make the work more productive. It puts its onus on making things happen so that the standard of living can be enhanced. The best thing about technology is that it is easy to use and this is why people do not hesitate to integrate it into their lives as well as business.

1. Importance of technology in our lives

technology in our lives

We are continuously surrounded by technology and can see it in various equipment in our household like the dishwasher which helps to clean utensils, a washing machine that washes and semi-dries the clothes, induction machine for cooking and the internet for effective communication. The importance of technology in our lives is

  • Technology has brought about revolutionary changes so that the present things are easier, faster and convenient in making. Increasing inventions have made life comfortable for instance there was a time when cleaning utensils was a chore in the kitchen but the dishwasher has helped in making that task much easier.
  • Technology has helped to bring people together as it is now possible to communicate with each other irrespective of any distance. The landline telephone was an invention that was surpassed by the mobile device and now visual communication via Skype etc through internet connection are great examples of the way technology has influenced our lives for the better.
  • There was a time when people use to travel on horses but technology helped to create a car, then airplanes and now rockets that have crossed the boundaries of earth and reached space.
  • There was a time when free time was a luxury as people had to work more to complete their tasks. With technology the onus is on smart work instead of hard work and this has helped people in saving some precious me-time for themselves.

2. Importance of technology in the life of students

life of students

The current education system is heavily dependent on technology as you will find the iPad and computers in most of the classrooms. The importance of technology in the life of students is

  • Technology has left a positive impact on the education sector because teachers have gained access to modern cognitive and scientific tools. The teachers are now able to develop a curriculum that will serve the students and school in the best possible manner.
  • The teachers have taken the help of technology to handle several tedious activities like grading papers, report cards, and projects. This has helped in cutting down of working hours
  • Passing on valuable information to students have now become very easy because of advancements in technology
  • Technology has opened new prospects for students where they can opt for self-learning. This has helped those students who do not have the time to attend school or college regularly.

3. Importance of technology in business

Importance of technology in business

Technology is referred to as the driver that pulls the strings of the business and nudges it towards success. The importance of technology is

  • Improves efficiency 

The advancements made in applied sciences and other fields have helped to increase the level of efficiency in business. Technology has crossed another level because of the emergence of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Organizations are incorporating several processes that will save precious time and effort. This will ultimately have a positive impact on both the efficiency and productivity of a business.

  • Streamlines decision-making

The organization needs to keep track of market and customer data. Technology has proved helpful in the decision-making process by keeping a trail of relevant information. Various software assists in error-free reporting that will guarantee that information is collected from marketing, finance and customer engagement departments for providing accurate results.

The importance of technology is felt in the business because it can gather critical data and assist the management in seeing the weak areas that need strategizing on an urgent basis.

  • Increases capacity of the business

It is now possible for business entities to reach out to customers, clients, suppliers, and vendors easily. Technology has helped it to serve more customers than before through online as well as retail outlets.

Moreover, it has become easy to interact and coordinate with suppliers if they need supplies for inventory. The capacity for storing information and communicating effectively has increased ten-fold with the implementation of technologically advanced apps in the company.

  • Improves communication 

Technology has helped to simplify communication so that it is now possible to reach out to anyone anywhere. It streamlines data that occur between departments easily through various software and applications. It is important to consider your requirements before choosing the most suitable means of communication within the company.

Some important means of communication are phone services that provide instant communication and feedback instant messaging through emails and apps like WhatsApp and video conferencing through Skype. Technology has improved communication and this ensures that the employees are now informed about the tasks beforehand

  • Improves employee engagement 

When organizations start using technology the workload of the employees automatically reduces. It is now possible to collaborate and share information and files with the help of technologically advanced systems.

The assigned tasks are completed within deadlines and this minimizes the level of stress. This results in flexibility to a certain level and allows the employees to stay connected with each other and the company through various technological gadgets. This increases employee engagement.

  • Enhances customer relationship 

There are reputable systems in the market that assist in knowing about the needs and requirements of the customer base. It is important to target the right customers at the right time to have maximum impact.

Introduce technology that is compatible with existing systems so that the employees can handle them effectively. When employees are able to make a connection with the customers it will lead to an enhanced relationship that will result in customer loyalty and retention.

  • Safeguards against online attacks 

Technology has proved beneficial for business but the internet has opened the doors for online attacks by hackers. This is a risk that needs to be minimized at all costs. Developers have taken the help of new technological advancements to create a defense system against cybercrime.

This will offer protection to online accounts and valuable data

  • Endless supply of knowledge 

The importance of technology is that there is no limit to what a business can accomplish because of the endless supply of knowledge. Research is an integral part of an organization and technology has made it very easy because all the relevant information is now available at fingertips via a single click of the mouse.

This information puts the company in the driver’s seat and helps in meeting customer demands in an effective manner.

  • Keep track of competitors 

Technology helps to keep track of the competitors by keeping a close eye on their website to gain valuable information related to any new and innovative products and services.

There is software in the market that can help organizations by informing them as soon as relevant news about the rival brands is leaked in the market. The need to stay ahead of the rival brands encourages an organization to use effective tools that can drive traffic as well as sales.

  • Helps to explore new markets

The latest technological equipment has helped business enterprises to explore new markets so that they can expand their operations far and wide. Technology has been a boon in undertaking complex calculations and forecasts.

The results are not hazy but authentic and this provides a better picture to the management so that they can make viable decisions about the new markets.