Services Marketing

Services Marketing

In-Depth Tutorials on Marketing of Services

This Services Marketing course will help you learn and master the concepts and theories of services marketing via actionable lectures and a practical point of view. You will get to know the needs and expectations of the customers, so you delight and satisfy them to prosper your business.

You will learn services marketing from various perspectives that will empower you to establish a new service business or you can adeptly manage an existing service business model. It will unravel the Service System, Services Marketing Process, Market Segmenting, Services Marketing Research, Service Recovery, and Service Delivery via interactive video lessons.

Course Curriculum

Introduction of Services Marketing

Key Elements of Services Marketing Mix

Managing Productivity and Trends in Services


Skills covered

Course description

Enroll in the best-selling, most comprehensive, and well-updated Services Marketing course online to learn and master all the core concepts of marketing services and their applications associated with different industries and businesses covering both customer and managerial perspectives.

With 2 hours 30 minutes of video-course that are divided into twenty-five 6-minute video classes, you will learn and master everything about the Services, Purchase Process for Services, Marketing Challenges of Services, Service Recovery, Moment of Truth & Service Encounter, Branding of Services, Zone of Tolerance, Options for Service Delivery, Ethics in Service Marketing along with the key elements of Services Marketing Mix and Productivity Management in Services.

Delve into Services Marketing by understanding what Services are, their Nature and characteristics, consumer behavior, service encounter along with strategic & tactical aspects of services marketing. It will help you understand everything about Service Product & Branding and take you deep into pricing challenges, Revenue Management, Pricing program, Promotion mix alongside Promotion & Advertising strategies. 

The course will unravel all the key elements of the Services Marketing Mix associated with-

  • Service – Product
  • Service – Price
  • Service – Place
  • Service – Promotion
  • Service – People
  • Service – Process
  • Service – Physical Evidence
  • Process-Service Mapping- Flowcharting
  • Service Blueprint

You will also learn how to manage productivity in Service by going through-

  • Demand & Capacity Alignment – Managing Demand & Supply in Services
  • Sensitivity to Customers’ Reluctance to Change
  • Ethics in Service Marketing
  • Yield Management
  • Types of Customer Contacts in Services
  • Service Productivity [Improving Service Productivity]

The Services Marketing Tutorial also unfolds different trends in numerous industries such as-

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • IT and Entertainment Industry

The 7 P’s of Services Marketing covered in this course are-

  • Product 
  • Pricing
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Process
  • Physical Evidence

The worlds of Services Marketing are highly versatile. Consumers continue adding different services in their lifestyle to make it better and more fulfilling. In the process, different services gain prevalence such as healthcare, banking, hospitality, communication, airline, and connections. This Services Marketing course will guide you with all the practices important to optimize the presence of these services. 

You will learn how new services should be launched regularly to optimize industries and associated economies. This Services Marketing course aims to equip participants to learn and master all the opportunities and challenges in channelizing and managing services marketing. It will help you understand the characteristics of a wide range of services and their implications on conceptualization, modeling, designing, channelization, and delivery. 

It will also guide you on how to ensure coordinated organizational effort through marketing, operations, and human resources for ensuring superior service. You will find out different frameworks and models that you will be able to apply to different service contexts.

At the end of this Services Marketing Course, you will learn-

  • Characteristics of a Service
  • 7 P’s of Services Marketing and Moment of Truth in Services Marketing
  • How to ensure Customers Expectations and Delight
  • How to Maintain Service Quality
  • What are the different Changing Face of Services Marketing
  • Concepts associated with the leadership in Service Industry
  • Analysis of Software Products vs. Software Services
  • How to get ahead in the Service Industry
  • Role of automation in the service industry

The Services Marketing course is fully interactive and guides you about every concept with 6-minute specific video lessons and actionable lectures that cover all the aspects, concepts, and theories related to the marketing of services.

So, learn how to do Services Marketing to meet and exceed the sales goals associated with different services of a business by using key elements of Services Marketing Mix and Productivity Management.

You’ll Also Get:

  • Lifetime Access to course updates
  • Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section
  • Certificate of Completion 

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